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Current and future distribution of invasive alien species in mountainous ecosystems.

Understanding the current and future distribution of exotic species in mountains and the factors that determine their richness and abundance at multiple scales is of utmost importance for the conservation of these vulnerable ecosystems, especially in times where climate change and anthropic pressure are increasingly facilitating their spread. In this joint PhD, we aim to shed light on this question for the Chilean Andes, with the following research questions in mind: 1) What are the main factors (abiotic, biotic or anthropic) at play in defining the distribution of exotic species in the mountain ecosystems of Central-South Chile? 2) How does refining the spatial resolution of bioclimatic data (microclimate) and the incorporation of anthropic variables improve the performance of species distribution models and the prediction of the potential distribution of exotic species in the Chilean Andes?
Date:15 Jul 2020 →  14 Jul 2021
Disciplines:Invasion biology, Terrestrial ecology, Conservation and biodiversity
Project type:Collaboration project