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Dare to remember. UGentMemorie, building the collective memory of Ghent University 1817-2017

Under the slogan "Dare to remember" the project UGentMemorie aims at preparing the bicentennial anniversary of Ghent University 1817-2017 in an innovative and engaging way. The 2017 horizon provides a lever both to deepen and to communicate to a wider audience Ghent University's history, a rich source of scientific and social commitment. In preparation to the jubilee year the project will tap the collective 'memory' of the university community, by conducting interviews with key figures and valorizing academic heritage. On this basis will be published both on www.UGentMemorie.be and in book form. The project aims at deepening the following topics: universities in war and conflict (in the case of Ghent University in '14 -'18), Ghent University's international commitment (from Ganda Congo to South Korea) and university and human rights (from Daniel Varoujean to Ai Wei Wei). Specifically, it is intended to involve the academic community via 'digital history'  and commemoration activities. The project will finally culminate in a large exhibition in the city museum STAM and a monograph. 

Date:1 Jan 2012  →  31 Dec 2017
Disciplines:History, Public history