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Determinants and effects of socio-ethnic segregation in primary education.

Socio-ethnic segregation is considered to be a social problem for diverse reasons. Still few studies have been conducted in Flanders concerning this theme. The current project wants a) to gather information concerning the spread of the phenomenon of socio-ethnic segregation in Flanders, b) to study the determinants and c) effects of socio-ethnic segregation in Flemish primary schools. To answer the first question the population of students of all schools in three Flemish cities (Antwerp, Ghent and Genk) will be mapped. To answer the other two questions, 30 schools with a different level of segregation will be selected in each city. For question b) the motives by which parents choose a school will be askes for and the headmasters/-mistresses will be interviewed concerning the image and policy of their own school/other schools, schoolchoice behavior of parents, etc. To answer the third question, elaborate attention will be paid to the perception of diversity within the classroom and how this affects behavior using various qualitative techniques.
Date:1 Jan 2008  →  31 Dec 2011
Keywords:Primary school
Disciplines:Social psychology, Social work, Other sociology and anthropology, Applied sociology