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Development of organoids from human and mouse teeth as novel and powerful tools to study tooth biology and pursue regenerative therapy (R-9586)

Tooth loss is an important health problem worldwide. Replacing lost or missing teeth with a biological tooth, preferably generated from the patient, would be highly superior to the current standard implantation of synthetic materials. Organoids, defined as self-forming three-dimensional in vitro reconstructions of an organ, provide a powerful means to pursue this goal. The tooth organoids obtained will be scrutinized to gain more insight into molecular and cellular mechanisms of tooth (stem cell) biology and tooth disease (i.e. caries). Taken together, our project will generate an innovative tooth in vitro model that will be highly valuable for studying tooth biology and disease, and will pave the way towards prevention and towards regenerative replacement therapy.
Date:1 Jan 2019 →  Today
Disciplines:Oral medicine and pathology