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Digitizing Historical Collection Psychology and Educational Sciences – HCPPW 2.0

The Historical Collection of Psychology and Educational Sciences preserves a wealth of source materials for researchers interested in the history of education and training: textbooks and curricula in primary education, monographs in the field of psychology and educational sciences, wall charts and pedagogical journals (from the late 18th century until now). The purchase of a professional scanning device will facilitate and enhance the accessibility of this collection. Building onto the investments made in recent years of inventorying and classifying the collection, the digitization of the preserved materials should further expand and facilitate the access to the collection and give inter/national researchers the opportunity to test innovative research hypotheses. In order to realize this important goal the purchase of the scanning device will be coupled to the creation of extended and enriched OCR-data.
Date:1 Jan 2021 →  Today
Keywords:Digital Humanities, History of Education, Enriched OCR-data, Intersectionality
Disciplines:History of education, Cultural history, Humanities and social sciences curriculum and pedagogics