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Disclosure and valorisation of the Michotte Collection.

The project aims to disclose the Michotte Collection to a broad audience. At the same time, the project will serve to stimulate a systematic disclosure of academic heritage in Flanders. In particular, the project will deliver the following results: - an electronic database which can be consulted by experts and by general public an interactive website which integrates the collection into a heritage narrative, including archival documents, audio-visual material, testimonies and thematic exhibits on the work of Albert Michotte and experimental psychology - an illustrated heritage booklet (80 pages) to present the collection to a wider public; an exhibition to present (part of the) collection. In the margin of the project other Flemish universities will be consulted to deliberate on the opportunities and problems surrounding the academic heritage.
Date:1 Jun 2009 →  31 Jul 2010
Keywords:Academisch Erfgoed, Collection Michotte, Experimentele Psychologie
Disciplines:History and foundations