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Discreet, personalised epileptic seizure detection device

SeizeIT2 is a clinically accurate seizure detection system for people with epilepsy. This discreet wearable device monitors several biosignals to allow a more precise quantitative analysis of seizure activity, so that people with epilepsy can receive treatment optimised for their specific condition.

SeizeIT is a proof-of-concept device enabling precise, objective logging of seizures for people with epilepsy. The first prototype of this wearable allows comfortable and unobtrusive seizure monitoring outside of a hospital setting.

SeizeIT2 comprises an improvement over seizure diaries, in which patients keep a record of their own seizures. SeizeIT2 provides 70-90% accuracy, compared to the accuracy level of less than 50% that is typical for a seizure diary, and it offers an improved patient experience. Benefits of the device include its discreet, unobtrusive design and its multimodal system, which measures several clinical biosignals, such as brain activity, circulation, respiration and other parameters. Another advantage of the device is its ability to monitor seizures around the clock.

The device has been tested by more than 70 patients with temporal lobe epilepsy,, a condition affecting around 20 million people globally, and eight patients with absence epilepsy. Preparation is underway for next steps, including multi-centre clinical validation of at least 500 patients, medical certification and initiation of scalable production. The prototype’s intelligent design allows increased functionality over time, offering the opportunity to go from the initial “EEG holter monitor” to a real-time monitoring and alerting system.


The greater accuracy of seizure monitoring permitted by SeizeIT2 can benefit:

  • Patients, by maximising the impact of medicines through a more accurate evaluation of their treatment response.
  • Seizure drug developers and clinical researchers.
  • Pharma researchers, undertaking patient stratification or seeking to shorten the duration of clinical studies.
  • SeizeIT2 also holds longer term promise as a seizure alarm (SUDEP prevention) and seizure prediction tool for patients.
Date:1 Jan 2019 →  31 Dec 2021
Keywords:epilepsy, seizure monitoring
Disciplines:Medical biotechnology diagnostics , Neurological and neuromuscular diseases