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Dissemination on new approach to teach accounting, to provide insight into financial statements

Building on previous research, a new approach to teach accounting (NABO) has been developed, to stimulate the knowledge of novice students. The main objective is to provide insight into the financial statements of a company, in an efficient and pleasant way. This new approach is based on prior research within our research group Accounting Education. The approach is already successfully applied in our own accounting courses. The NABO-method has been adapted to secondary education in recent months and has been investigated by means of a longitudinal field experiment.

The aim of this valorisation project is to share the research results with our current stakeholders and to strengthen this project with new stakeholders by delivering social value creation activities (e.g., website and video content). In addition, we want to integrate this project into the Lifelong Learning activities of our university.

Date:1 Dec 2021 →  Today
Keywords:accounting, innovation, financial reporting, teacher design team
Disciplines:Higher education, Accounting and auditing, Adult education, Secondary education, Business administration