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Dissemination of the project Review Attainment Targets

Based on the report of the Project Review of the Attainment Targets (Simons, M., Kelchtermans, G., Leysen, J., & Vandenbroeck, M. (2016). De actuele werking en doeltreffendheid van de eindtermen als beleidsinstrument in Vlaanderen: http://www.ond.vlaanderen.be/obpwo/rapporten/ReviewEindtermen/Eindrapport_ProjectET.pdf),  two booklets are composed and written –one in Dutch, one in English- summarizing and presenting the main outcomes of the project in a more popular form to a broader audience of readers. The booklets will only be published electronically on the website of the Ministry of Education.

Date:1 Jun 2016 →  30 Jun 2016
Keywords:Attainment targets, curriculum development, educational quality, educational policy
Disciplines:Education curriculum, Instructional sciences