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Doctor Subtilis, Doctor Franciscanus? An inquiry into the Franciscanism of John Duns Scotus’ Christology, and its theological implications.

This project intends to read John Duns Scotus in his historical,

theological, religious and formative context, in order that his work not

be decontextualized and misunderstood, which, in the past, has

caused Scotus and his work to be vilified. My hypothesis is that the

Subtle Doctor is perhaps understood more accurately in his context,

as a medieval Oxonian Franciscan, as a Franciscan Doctor. This

project will thus research Scotus’ Christology in the light of the

Franciscan Charism and Intellectual Tradition, and will explore the

philosophical-theological foundation of Scotus’ thought, that is, the

doctrines of Univocity and the Primacy of Christ. Scotus’ Christology

will be compared with the Franciscan Charism, and the Christologies

of the preceding Franciscan Intellectual Tradition, such that the

Franciscanism of Scotus’ Christology can be examined. Further, the

theological implications of Scotus’ Christology will be explored,

regarding his doctrine of haecceitas (thisness his doctrine on

individuation), as well as his Mariology and his theology on love,

especially with reference to the love between God and humanity,

and, uniquely, with reference to mystical theology, something with

which Scotus is not usually associated. I aim critically to investigate

the Franciscanism of Scotus’ Christology, as well as critically to

examine the theological implications of these doctrines, understood


Date:1 Oct 2019 →  Today
Keywords:John Duns Scotus, Medieval Franciscan Theology, Christology, Franciscanism, Medieval, Mysticism
Disciplines:History of religions, churches and theology, Theology and religious studies not elsewhere classified
Project type:PhD project