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DSI COVID-19 team (R-10889)

The DSI COVID-19 research team led by Prof. Niel Hens investigates the spread of the corona virus, the impact of measures and of exit strategies. The team develops and validates statistical and mathematical models that help to evaluate the spread of the virus and translate scientific insights to policy makers. Prof. Niel Hens is member of the GEES expert group to whom Prof. Christel Faes and Prof. Steven Abrams provide scientific advice. The results and methods are communicated to the scientific community and broader audience in a very active way. We highlight collaborations with the University of Antwerp through the inter-university SIMID group led by Prof. Philippe Beutels and Prof. Niel Hens; with the KU Leuven through the inter-university I-BioStat institute led by Prof. Geert Molenberghs and with several (inter)national partners in the H2020 EpiPose project (grant agreement number 101003688). Amongst others, the COVID-19 team employs meta-population models, individual based models, growth models, early-warning models, mortality analysis, analysis of the corona-survey (UA) and develops an interactive dashboard to visualise the Belgian Covid-19 data. More info can be found on https://www.uhasselt.be/dsi-covid19-en
Date:15 Jun 2020 →  Today
Disciplines:Visual computing not elsewhere classified, Biostatistics