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Efficient rendering of fine-sampled datasets using a unified geometry and material-data structure.

In this research project a new and unified method will be developed forrendering objects in a 3D space. A focus will be put an 3D discretisations using voxels, for geometry, texture and material-information. Although voxel-based rendering isn't new (volume visualisations of MRI scans),its use has been severely limited by algorithm disadvantages (aliasing,artifacts), processing power and memory constraints. But new, from recently published literature it is clear that the academic world and the industry is convinced that, combined with the current state-of-the-art technology (GPGPU, efficient data structures, ...), voxel-based graphics algorithms can offer new insights and performance improvements for volume rendering.
Date:9 Jan 2011 →  8 Jan 2019
Keywords:Real-time, 3D, Algorithms, Ray tracing, Discretisation, Voxels, Volume Rendering, Graphics
Disciplines:Multimedia processing, Biological system engineering, Signal processing, Applied mathematics in specific fields, Computer architecture and networks, Distributed computing, Information sciences, Information systems, Programming languages, Scientific computing, Theoretical computer science, Visual computing, Other information and computing sciences, Computer hardware, Computer theory, Other computer engineering, information technology and mathematical engineering
Project type:PhD project