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Efficient Use of Accessibility Measures in Econometric Activity-Based Models (R-14410)

In the domain of transportation sciences and planning, Activity Based Travel Demand Models (ABMs) have gained prominence for their ability to capture intricate travel behaviours. The research focuses on optimizing the integration of accessibility measures into ABMs, addressing questions about the most efficient methods and their impact on model outcomes. By reviewing existing ABMs, categorizing accessibility approaches, and conducting empirical testing, it aims to identify optimal models for transportation planning. Furthermore, it explores the benefits and challenges of using open data for accessibility measures. Notably, this work also highlights a critical gap in the existing literature—a dearth of precise information regarding the runtime and memory requirements of ABMs.
Date:19 Dec 2023 →  Today
Keywords:Econometric, models
Disciplines:Transport planning, Infrastructure, transport and mobility engineering not elsewhere classified, Smart cities, Modelling and simulation