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Evaluation of cellular dynamics using automated widefield imaging

Widefield imaging with conventional multi-mode microplate detection is an important technology that provides unprecedented insights about cellular activities in assay modeling, drug screening and mechanistic underpinning of biology.

In addition, the low technical threshold to use this equipment allows multiple groups with limited background in imaging expertise to initiate high quality cell-based research and to gain phenotypic information.

In addition, cellular assays mimicking three-dimensional physiological conditions are instrumental in avoiding needless animal/pre-clinical testing.  

This technology will be located at the laboratory of Experimental Cancer Research, part of Medical Research and Educational Building (MREB)3 at Ghent University Hospital campus. The host lab is expert in cellular assays with an application in cancer, but many of the assays can be adapted to other research areas (as indicated by interest of co-promoters of this application).  

Date:15 Dec 2022 →  Today
Keywords:quantitative image analysis, microscopy, phenotypic cellular assays
Disciplines:Cancer biology, Cell growth and development, Cellular interactions and extracellular matrix, Cell division, Cell movement, Cell death