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Evaluation of the functionality of the new generation compostable bio-bases plastics in food packaging. (R-11098)

The goal of this project is to broaden and improve the implementation of a new generation of biobased compostable packaging materials by characterizing and clustering packaging properties (in relation to food products). This approach allows companies in the food and packaging industry to collaborate to match their needs, resulting in a more sustainable packaging industry. Certified materials for home and industrial composting are inventarized. 26 representative compostable packaging materials are selected for screening seal, gas barrier and mechanical performance. Coated paper, new materials based on polyhydroxyalkanoates and polybutylenesuccinate, blends/multilayers are examples of considered materials. Based on the screening results, materials are clustered in 7 groups and food application areas are designated to each group. Case studies are performed, as practical examples of implementation of compostable materials in the food industry. The results of this study can be requested from the researchers.
Date:1 Jan 2021 →  31 Dec 2022
Keywords:Bioplastics, packaging innovation and optimalisation
Disciplines:Materials recycling and valorisation