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Extramural English and young learners' development of implicit and explicit second language knowledge.

Recently, a growing number of studies have shown the potential of extramural English (= out-of-school engagement with English) for language learning. However, most of these studies have used explicit measures of L2 knowledge, such as multiple choice vocabulary tests and untimed grammaticality judgements. The present proposal aims to advance our understanding of the input-acquisition relationship by investigating the mechanisms underlying explicit and implicit language learning by English-as-Foreign-Language (EFL) learners who are exposed to large amounts of English language input outside of school, but have not started formal English instruction yet. In two correlational studies, we will investigate the relationship between (i) extramural English and (ii) explicit and implicit word and grammar knowledge. Further, in two longitudinal studies, we will study their development of explicit and implicit word and grammar knowledge in English.

Date:1 Jan 2024 →  Today
Keywords:extramural English, English-as-Foreign-Language (EFL)
Disciplines:Language acquisition, Language proficiency, Language didactics, English language