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Food science, technology and engineering - European Joint Doctorate training towards knowledge, skills and mobility

The objective of the proposal is to train 8 early stage researches (ESR) in an innovative, international PhD program, to become top-class specialists and professional leaders, highly demanded in the job market, ready to introduce innovations and manage advanced research. The completion of the training programme will provide ESRs with appropriate knowledge, skills and awareness of the science-business reality, crucial for scientific and/or commercial based research projects.

The training objectives will be achieved by participation in:

  • specialized courses, to gain: a) knowledge in food science, microbiology, malting and brewing technology, b) experience in using high-tech analytical equipment, c) managerial and business skills (generic skills, industrial economics, project management, research design and data analysis)
  • an international research project team, using the facilities of multi-institutional consortium
  • academic and industrial internships

Consequently, ESRs will be awarded a double doctoral degree in food science and/or engineering. The main goals of the research are:

  1. development of innovations in malting and brewing technologies (to reduce demand for energy) and new protocols for yeast preparation
  2. verification of their impact on the quality and stability of the products
  3. acquiring new scientific knowledge on formation and release of staling aldehydes

The consortium of top class universities, institutes and industrial partners, with an on-going history of co-operation, will provide an outstanding opportunity for young, ambitious and brave researchers to realize their potential. The academic organizations involved (University of Agriculture in Krakow PL, University of Copenhagen DK, University of Nottingham UK, University of Ghent BE, Technische University Berlin DE, and KU Leuven BE), will be supported by partners: VLB Berlin DE, FlavorActiV UK, Carlsberg Group DK and Boortmalt BE, to ensure well balanced research-business environment.

Date:1 Sep 2016  →  31 Aug 2020
Keywords:Food science, Food technology, Food engineering, EJDFOODSCI
Disciplines:Catalysis and reacting systems engineering, Chemical product design and formulation, General chemical and biochemical engineering, Process engineering, Separation and membrane technologies, Transport phenomena, Other (bio)chemical engineering