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i-LAP: the role of Input in English and French LAnguage Proficiency

This cross-linguistic project aims to advance our understanding of the input-acquisition relationship in Flemish learners’ English and French language proficiency by investigating the mechanisms underlying language learning by learners who have English and French at school, but who are exposed to English outside of school and have a later starting age for formal English instruction than for French. Language learners can be exposed to language input in the classroom and/or outside-of-school. The project’s aim is to explore how different types of input contribute to Flemish learners’ language proficiency in two languages, English and French, by conducting a cross-sectional study in which Flemish learners in different grades will be tested on several proficiency measures in English and French. The project aims at providing insights at the theoretical, pedagogical and societal level.

Date:1 Sep 2021 →  Today
Keywords:language acquisition, SLA, foreign language acquisition, language proficiency
Disciplines:Language acquisition, Language proficiency
Project type:PhD project