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IIoTSBOM - Industrial IoT Security & Software Bill of Materials (IIoTSBOM)

Industrial IoT Security & Software Bill of Materials - IIoTSBOM - is an initiative from Flanders, Belgium to improve cybersecurity for devices. IIoTSBOM is a collaboration between three not-for-profit entities supporting a CyberSecure and innovative society. It was developed as an action to support companies in Flanders, Belgium and Europe to create awareness on ongoing developments to CyberSecure equipment and machinery in production environments in the first place, in order for the manufacturers to be able focus on their core activities.
Date:22 Nov 2021 →  Today
Keywords:iot, cybersecurity, security, Cyber Security, iiot, industrial, supply chain security, software development, vulnerability management, Log4J, Solarwinds, standards
Disciplines:Automation and control systems
Project type:Collaboration project
Results:Security & Software Bill of Materials includes methods, processes and procedures to improve devices cybersecurity. It includes technology and aims to improve the technology innovation of CyberSecurity companies and the companies developing connected devices.