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IMAGINATION : IMAGing bIomarkers for diagNosis, therAnosTIcs and drug develOpmeNt

Our consortium has long-standing experience in development, preclinical and clinical use of radiopharmaceuticals for molecular imaging in diagnostics and biomarkers for early drug development, as well as their theranostic use with selective beta/alpha emitting radionuclides (radionuclide therapy, RNT). The consortium is one of the few centers in Europe that provides the full chain of radiochemical/pharmaceutical development, preclinical validation (microPET/SPECT/CT/MRI), human multimodal imaging (PET/CT, PET/MR, SPECT/CT) and advanced image data processing for contract research. In addition, radiopharmaceuticals for routine clinical use with reimbursement are commercialized. After first successful installation of a GMP facility in 2016 (joint UZ/KU Leuven operation), a second new facility with high-performance cyclotron and RNT pharmaceutical production is now under construction. This will significantly increase the capacity for valorisation activities and diverse spin-off opportunities. A dedicated IOF mandate holder will be necessary for the sustainable build-out, coordination, marketing and management of the projected valorisation activities.
Date:1 Oct 2022 →  Today
Keywords:molecular imaging, radiopharmaceuticals, image processing, drug development, Good Manufacturing Practice
Disciplines:Nuclear imaging, Biopharmaceuticals, Biomedical image processing, Biomarker evaluation, Clinical trials