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Imaging the link between metabotropic and ionotropic signaling in vivo

Cellular communication is a prerequisite for the life of multicellular organisms. Evolution has given rise to a variety of messenger systems that differ in speed and range. The communication between the outside and the inside of a cell is a key interface that is largely orchestrated by transmembrane receptors. This family of communication proteins can be roughly divided into two classes: 1) Metabotropic receptors, which trigger intracellular second messenger signaling cascades and 2) ionotropic receptors, which allow ions to cross the cell membrane. G-protein coupled inwardly rectifying potassium (GIRK) channels present a link between these two communication pathways and will be the focus of this thesis.
Date:13 Mar 2018 →  30 Sep 2018
Disciplines:Medicinal products, Chemical product design and formulation, Biomaterials engineering, Other chemical sciences, Medical imaging and therapy
Project type:PhD project