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Intelligent Structuring Systems for Complex Flowing Products.

ISSFLOW aims at developing fundamental understanding of complex fluids to allow for the design of smart and functional gels and fluids via the development of novel rheology modifiers. A consortium of 5 partners (1 large industry, 1 SME and 3 academics) has been set up to exchange knowledge in the areas of rheology, sustainable synthesis and scale-up of novel molecules, modeling, characterization of complex fluids (including high viscous fluids and gels) via scattering, NMR and microscopy techniques, and production of finished products in a broad number of applications ranging from detergents and pharmaceuticals to restoration of paintings and lubricants. The overall generated knowledge will be integrated in an overarching model that will be able to predict the best rheology modifier for a specific application, taking into account final rheology properties required, performance, process and aesthetics, facilitating the launch of improved or new products to the market.

Date:1 Jan 2014 →  31 Dec 2017
Keywords:ISSFLOW, Complex Flowing Products, Intelligent Structuring Systems
Disciplines:Inorganic chemistry, Organic chemistry, Theoretical and computational chemistry, Other chemical sciences