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Internet of Shipping (IoS)

Nowadays, predictive maintenance, remote monitoring of machinery, real-time communication between employees, etc. is considered essential for efficient operation and management of industrial environments. However, metal-containing ship & harbor environments such as ship compartments, remote control rooms of factories and individual stacked containers, still lack internet coverage, often due to the presence of large blocking metal const ruct ions. This challenge is tackled by the Internet of Shipping (IoS) project, which uses multi-hop sub-GHz wireless mesh network extensions together with locally available wired and wireless technology (e.g., satellite, Wi-Fi, PLC, Ethernet), to provide connectivity and positioning services in challenging shipping environments. The IoS connectivity services will be optimized for (i) safety operations (health monitoring, possibility to trigger alarms), (ii) track and tracing of goods, equipment and employees, (iii) communication between employees (voice calls from remote compartments & locations), and (iv) remote monitoring of machinery operations.
Date:1 Jan 2019 →  31 Dec 2020
Disciplines:Wireless communication and positioning systems, Computer communication networks, Telecommunication and remote sensing, Wireless communications
Project type:Collaboration project