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IOF GEAR: Artificial Intelligence Lab (IOF3022)

The AI Lab is a VUB consortium of researchers coming from different backgrounds (computer science, mathematics, economics, linguistics, physics, psychology and philosophy), reflecting the inherent interdisciplinary nature of AI and its intersection with other scientific domains. This interdisciplinarity is essential for tackling the more complex challenges in industry and society. Since its inception in 1983 (as the first AI lab on the European mainland), the lab has always been at the forefront of AI research. Today, it is still recognized worldwide for its groundbreaking research on Reinforcement Learning and Multi-Agent Systems (Ann Nowé), Computational Creativity (founding father of the field Geraint Wiggins) and the continuation of the research of lab founder Luc Steels on Agent-based Language Models (ERC grant of Bart de Boer). The lab has continuously searched for new frontiers in which to do cutting-edge research and has a habit to perform agile research in diverse and interdisciplinary domains that can be applied to multiple (apparently unrelated) problems and application fields. The AI Lab is the founder of VUB’s AI Experience Centre, which is dedicated to the development of test and experience activities related to AI research and innovation, allowing the outreach to multiple stakeholders in the open innovation ecosystem (industry, policy makers, academia and the broader public).
Over the course of the coming 5 years, we aim to:
5. Stay at the forefront in fundamental research on AI, especially through European projects.
6. Further grow and intensify our collaborations with industry and government.
7. Create awareness and provide support (counseling, consultancy, opportunity workshops, …) to professionals, policymakers and academics by assisting them in decision processes involving AI (audits, second opinions, recruiting, …).
8. Nourish the AI innovation ecosystem around us and strengthen our position within it by reaching out to Flemish and European organizations.
Date:1 Jan 2022 →  Today
Keywords:Artificial intelligence, adaptive learning, collaborative AI
Disciplines:Other computer engineering, information technology and mathematical engineering not elsewhere classified
Project type:Collaboration project