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Learning network promoting opportunities in teacher education (R-12296)

UHasselt is committed to the empowerment of student-teachers in addressing the needs of all learners and in particular children and youngsters who are being raised in contexts of financial poverty. Education should offer opportunities to everyone and teachers are in a unique position to do so. To this end, it remains important to invest in teacher education programs that are addressing equal educational opportunities from day one. The continuation of the commitment is aimed at the sustainability and anchoring of the data within the training courses. De UHasselt is committed to participate in the meetings and events of the learning network to promote opportunities and to usage of (experiential) expertise that is built within this community in the Educational Masters teacher training program.
Date:16 Sep 2021 →  15 Jul 2022
Keywords:learning network, teaching education
Disciplines:Teacher education and professional development of educators, Teacher training