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Location-secured cryptographic solutions based on acoustic signals for smart embedded connected systems and passive nodes

Connected devices are creating a smart world: smart homes, hospitals, and cities, smart cars, logistics and industries. The success of new applications employing wireless devices will heavily depend on the security of these embedded systems. The geographical position of persons and devices can be very relevant information in many applications requiring secure authentication over wireless links. For example, contactless payment solutions and access control systems assume that the communicating devices are close to one another, but can be cheated by means of relay systems. Proposed distance-bounding protocols that measure the position based on travel time of electromagnetic waves, cannot achieve the required location accuracy with regular computing capabilities. In the positioning domain, acoustic signals are gaining attention because of their inherent better accuracy/complexity features. The main objective of this project is to investigate how low-complexity low-energy location-locked security solutions can be realized by using acoustic waves. To that end, cryptographic and localisation experts will team up to conceive an acousticbased cryptographic system, explore the functionality and complexity, and finally validate the findings based on an actual experimental system.

Date:1 Jan 2019 →  31 Dec 2022
Keywords:Audio and speech processing, Cryptography and security
Disciplines:Cryptography, privacy and security