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Monolithic integrated porous analytical devices (MIPADs).

This project aims to develop analytical devices based entirely on porous bodies with encoded ‘fluidic circuits’ that minimize the need for peripheral equipment and user intervention. Analysis steps are programmed in these monolithic integrated porous analytical devices (MIPADs) in the form of chemical functionalization patterns that are activated as a sample travels through the pores. Depending on the formation process, MIPAD dimensions and pore sizes will range from centimeters to micrometers and from micrometers to angstroms respectively. The proposed devices will enable diagnostics suitable for low−resource settings (Part 1) and extreme miniaturization of separation−based analysis (Part 2).

Date:1 Oct 2014 →  30 Sep 2016
Keywords:Monolithische geïntegreerde poreuze analytische apparaten, MIPADs
Disciplines:Catalysis and reacting systems engineering, Chemical product design and formulation, General chemical and biochemical engineering, Process engineering, Separation and membrane technologies, Transport phenomena, Other (bio)chemical engineering