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Multiscale kinetic modelling of large-scale magnetic reconnection and its comparison with in situ observations

Magnetic reconnection is a fundamental plasma process, allowing for the explosive energy release of magnetic field energy into plasma kinetic energy, and is ubiquitous in nature. Although significant progress has been made over several decades, a number of outstanding questions in reconnection physics are still open. One crucial concern is how the local kinetic scale process near reconnection sites couples to the large-scale process far away from the reconnection sites. The multiscale nature of reconnection leads to vast separation of spatial and temporal scales, which makes numerical simulations a great challenge. The traditional fluid method is insufficient to describe the local kinetic-level processes, while existing kinetic models are too expensive on global scale. In this project, I will propose a multiscale kinetic model that bridges fluid and kinetic simulation into a unified frame, while preserves the efficiency of fluid and accuracy of kinetic method. This model will be implemented in the most powerful computational resources available today to conduct cutting-edge numerical simulations of the multiscale dynamics of large-scale reconnection. The results of these simulations will be compared with the most recent observations of the Magnetospheric MultiScale (MMS) mission. This synergistic approach will provide answers to some relevant pending questions on the reconnection in Earth’s magnetosphere and in other heliospheric and astrophysical plasmas.

Date:1 Oct 2023 →  Today
Keywords:multiscale modelling, magnetic reconnection, space plasma
Disciplines:Physics of gases, plasmas and electric discharges not elsewhere classified, Modelling and simulation