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The Nature of Emotional Acculturation

The migrant population has globally increased in size over time. However, immigrant communities experience worse outcomes in education, employment, and health than their majority peers. Emotional Acculturation – changes in emotions as consequences of contact with the new culture – has been suggested as a key source of minorities’ social inclusion, and as a condition for minorities’ wellbeing and positive outcomes in the new culture. The main focus of my PhD will be on the nature of emotional acculturation. I will answer the research question of what it means to change emotionally to fit with one's new social context(s). The specific aims are to 1) capture different aspects of emotions, 2) quantify the association between emotional acculturation and intercultural contact, and 3) examine the context-specificity of emotional acculturation.

Date:15 Oct 2020  →  Today
Keywords:emotion, acculturation, emotional acculturation, biculturalism, social network, multimodality, emotion language
Disciplines:Social psychology not elsewhere classified
Project type:PhD project