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The needs of minor victims of crime: does victim care in Flanders provide the necessary answers?

This research focuses on one central research question: to what extent does current victim care in Flanders meet the needs of minor victims of crime? Nonetheless the increased knowledge about various aspects of victimisation, the existing research still does not provide a conclusive answer to the question what impact crime has on victims and what needs arise from this experience. In addition, research thus far has paid little attention to certain groups of crime victims, such as minor victims. To fill this gap, this study aims to map out the following three elements: (1) the needs of minor victims in Flanders, (2) the different ways in which the current victim care takes into account the specific and individual needs of minor victims and (3) the experience of minor victims with the victim care they have received in response to their victimisation. To achieve this, in-depth interviews are conducted with both minor victims and with individual care providers who provide victim support to these victims. The results of this study can ultimately contribute to a realistic picture of the needs of minor victims. Victim care in Flanders can then be adapted in a transparent way to the insights arising from this empirical study.

Date:1 Sep 2019 →  Today
Keywords:Child victims, Victim needs, Victim care
Disciplines:Youth and life course criminology
Project type:PhD project