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Number Sense: Analysis and Improvement.

The central theme of the GOA project is the relationship between (the development of) lower-order and higher-order aspects of number sense and their relationship with school mathematics. The "lower order" characterization focuses on elementary sense of numerical magnitudes, including the rapid accurate perception of small numerosities and the ability to compare numerical magnitudes. Number sense from this higher-order perspective is considered to be much more complex and multifaceted in nature, comprising knowledge of and facility with numbers and operations. The GOA project will address the following general questions: · What are the roots of number sense? · How are various aspects of number sense, particularly its lower-order and higher-order aspects, connected? · How do the (lower-order and higher-order) aspects of number sense develop in relation to each other, both in typically developing children and in children with mathematical learning difficulties? And how is this development related to their school mathematics learning? · How can we enhance the development of number sense through instruction? What is the effect of game-based learning environments, supported by principles of instructional design research, on the development of (various aspects of) number sense? The GOA consists of the following five related parts, each of which will focus on specific aspects and questions: 1. Number sense in kindergarteners (coordinator: Bert Reynvoet) 2. The mental number line, the external number line, and elementary school mathematics (coordinators: Koen Luwel, Mirjam Ebersbach and Lieven Verschaffel) 3. Number sense and individual differences in arithmetic strategy use in elementary school children (coordinator: Bert De Smedt) 4. Number sense in the transition from natural to rational numbers (coordinator: Wim van Dooren) 5. Number sense in statistics: statistical literacy (coordinator: Patrick Onghena)
Date:1 Jan 2011 →  30 Sep 2016
Keywords:Cognitieve psychologie, Neuroscience, Ontwikkelingspsychologie, Onderwijspsychologie, Wiskundedidactiek, Statistiek, Ontwerpkunde, Gaming
Disciplines:Biological and physiological psychology, General psychology, Other psychology and cognitive sciences