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Optimalisation of the interRAI Suite of Instruments as a tool for assessing and facilitating oral health and evaluation of its relation to general health of frail older persons.

The generally poor oral health in frail elderly can be optimised by using the interRAI Suite of Instruments (interRAI-SoI), designed to assess an older persons need for care. The instrument consists of a questionnaire on important health as-pects. Algorithms translate the data into alerts that trigger assessment protocols, which in turn lead to individual care paths. The interRAI-SoI also includes non-vali-dated basic oral health related questions that remained mainly unexplored despite large numbers of available Belgian (BelRAI, n>90.000) and international (interRAI, n>190.000.000) data. This study therefore aims to 1) validate and optimize the oral-health related part of the interRAI-SoI, 2) optimize the RAI-databases, and 3) use the RAI-databases to evaluate oral and general health interactions.
Date:1 Oct 2015 →  30 Sep 2020