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Optimization of Interface Circuits of CMOS Imaging Systems

The research will focus on optimizing the performances of CMOS imaging systems by means of designing high-performance interface circuits. These performances are expressed in terms of frame rate, dynamic range and spatial resolution, and should be maximized. However, the main bottleneck in designing these interface circuits lies in the trade-off between previously discussed performance metrics. Optimizing these performance metrics becomes more important during the years due to the increased demand and applications of CMOS image sensors (e.g. high-end cameras, mobile phone/tablet cameras, security, machine vision, 3D-imaging for autonomous cars and drones, etc.). 

Date:10 Oct 2016 →  10 Oct 2020
Keywords:CMOS image sensors, Analog-to-digital conversion, High-performance interface circuits
Disciplines:Nanotechnology, Design theories and methods
Project type:PhD project