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ORDECA – ORganoid Drug screening for Endometrial CAncerIdentifying novel drugs and biomarkers for treating endometrial cancer using a high-throughput patient-derived organoid drug discovery and screening platform

Cancer of the womb’s inner lining (i.e. endometrial cancer, EC) is the most common gynecological malignancy and third cause of cancer-related death in women. Indeed, current treatments, typically surgical tumor removal and radio-/chemotherapy, remain inadequate in a high number of cases, frequently followed by recurrence of the cancer. Indeed, effective therapy of EC represents a high unmet clinical need in the women’s health domain. We established organoid models from patient-derived EC which closely reproduce the original tumors, thus representing very powerful preclinical models. Importantly, organoids are robustly expandable and efficiently amenable to drug discovery and efficacy screens. In our project, we will identify novel and effective drugs to tackle EC by applying an automated high-throughput organoid drug screening platform. Moreover, the associated deep omics analyses will uncover response-predictive biomarkers, direly needed to appropriately stratify EC patients toward optimal (personalized) treatment.
Date:1 Oct 2023 →  Today
Keywords:patient-derived organoids, therapeutics, biomarkers, endometrial cancer, high-throughput drug screening platform
Disciplines:Cancer therapy, Gynaecology