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Parent-child talk about the past: The antecedent role of mindful parenting and childrenU+2019s externalizing problems in parent-child reminiscing and the effect on childrenU+2019s emotion regulation

This project aims to examine the consequences of an elaborative parental reminiscing style for 3-6 year old toddlersU+2019 emotion regulation. Additionally, mindful parenting (i.e., parentsU+2019 ability to attend to and to be non-judgmental when interacting with their child) and childrenU+2019s externalizing problems will be examined as possible antecedents of this parental reminiscing style.

Date:1 Oct 2017  →  8 Mar 2020
Keywords:Parental reminiscing style, Mindful parenting, Toddlers, ChildrenU+2019s externalizing problems, ChildrenU+2019s emotion regulation
Disciplines:Developmental psychology and ageing