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Powder bed multi-material additive manufacturing process

Digital, intelligent manufacturing and the application of new materials represented by additive manufacturing will reshape the relationship between manufacturing and service industries, reshape the comparative advantages of countries and regions, reshape the economic development pattern, and accelerate the process of the third industrial revolution. Multi-material additive manufacturing represents the forefront and future direction of additive manufacturing technology and has unique advantages in the manufacture of polymer functionally graded materials. Multi-material additive manufacturing technology enables materials of different properties to be built on the same part, reducing process flow, reducing assembly and improving performance. Multi-material additive manufacturing technology breaks through the bottleneck of traditional manufacturing technology in material complexity, level complexity and functional complexity. It has complex and high-level requirements in many fields such as consumption, biomedicine and aerospace. It is the main trend of future development for additive manufacturing technology.

Date:25 Mar 2019 →  13 Jan 2020
Keywords:multimaterials additive manufacturing
Disciplines:Manufacturing processes, methods and technologies
Project type:PhD project