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Productivity, constructionalization and "expressive" constructions: Tracking productivity shifts in Belgian and Netherlandic 19th to 21st Century Dutch

The project focuses on shifts in the constructional productivity of two clusters of "expressive" constructions in Belgian and Netherlandic Dutch since 1800, viz. (i) binominal patterns of the een schat van een kind-type and (ii) intensifying-resultative constructions such as Hij werkte zich dood, with a view to shedding more light on the relation between increasing productivity and constructionalization.

Date:1 Oct 2014 →  30 Sep 2018
Keywords:construction grammar, Dutch, constructionalization, expressivity in grammar, resultative construction, binominal construction, language change, productivity
Disciplines:Other languages and literary studies, Linguistics, Theory and methodology of linguistics, Literary studies, Language studies