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psychomotor symptoms in depression.

The first part of this project aims to investigate the relationship between functional outcome and psychomotor retardation in a large group of depressed patients. In addition, the relationship will be explored between fine and gross motor activity, two important domains in the cluster of psychomotor symptoms. The second part of this project will concentrate on the brain activity accompanying the disturbances of action. Applying EEG and functional imaging techniques, activity in the (merely prefrontal) brain structures will be investigated in the different subtypes of depression (severe depressed with and without retardation and dysthymia). It is expected that the pattern of brain activity in depressed patients without disturbances of action substantially will differ from the pattern of those depressed patients with manifest psychomotor retardation.
Date:1 Oct 2008 →  30 Sep 2009
Disciplines:Psychiatry and psychotherapy, Nursing, Other paramedical sciences, Clinical and counseling psychology, Other psychology and cognitive sciences