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A quantitative study of the development of an relationship between perceived racism, oppostional school and collective guilt culture and educational outcomes and wellbeing for native Flemish and Turkish and Moroccan minority students.

This study employs longitudinal, multi-level modelling analyses technoques to investigate the development and inter-related nature of students' perceptions of racism, their adherence to an oppositional school and collective guilt culture and their educational and wider outcomes through a specifically designed longitudinal, random, selective survey of 7200 secondary native Flemish and Turkish and Moroccan minority students selected from 60 Flemish schools.

Date:1 Jan 2011 →  31 Mar 2016
Keywords:ethnicity, racism, flanders, anti-school culture, quantitative analysis, culture of collective guilt, educational inequality
Disciplines:Social psychology, Social theory and sociological methods, Other pedagogical and educational sciences, Applied sociology, Sociology of life course, family and health, Education curriculum, Education systems, Social stratification, Specialist studies in education, Policy and administration, Other sociology and anthropology, General pedagogical and educational sciences