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RENAISSANCE: RENewAble Integration and SuStainAbility iN energy CommunitiEs (OZR EU Bonus) (OZR3407)

Leading smart grid solution providers and research groups join forces to integrate a range of consumer-focused innovations into existing service platforms. The project will support Industry leaders ABB (analytical and design tools) and ATOS (energy management platform) deliver services with clear market focus, that are widely replicable across Europe. The suite of tools will be demonstrated in real-life pilots in Belgium, Greece, France and the Netherlands. RENAISSANCE aims to demonstrate highly replicable design and management approaches for integrated local energy systems, that achieve high participation of local consumers (15-20%), exceed at local level EU targets for renewable energy sources (37-80%) while decreasing the energy price for community members (5-10% below current market prices). The methodology and each of the pilots will cover key energy vectors (electricity, heat, transport), involve different actors (households, SMEs, institutions), and valorises flexibility services within and between communities, and with DSOs. In total, over 1.000 households and 50 companies will be connected in a system that totals 30752MW capacity. Main innovations include; multi-actor multi-criteria of technical design, geo-locations , interoperable management platform. To demonstrate replicability and open the role to market, the approach will be applied to 10 more locations across the globe - including in India, the US, the UK and Poland.
Date:1 May 2019 →  30 Apr 2022
Keywords:sustainable energy
Disciplines:Electrical machines and transformers, Air pollution and control