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Resonant energy transfer between colloidal quantum dots and organic fluorophores

This project aims at providing a fundamental understanding of the RET mechanism in hybrid Qdot
nanomaterials. As such, it involves four different parts:
1. Synthesis of well-defined donor-acceptor systems, where a single Qdot donor is coupled to a controlled
number of organic dye or Qdot acceptors.
2. Study of the RET efficiency by means of steady-state and time-resolved fluorescence spectroscopy and
comparison of the experimental results to theoretical modelling.
3. Optimizing RET by adapting the relevant parameters εA, I and N (Box 2), through careful adjustment of the
particle size and composition.
4. Study of quantum cutting, the creation and spatial separation of multiple electron-hole pairs from a single
absorbed photon, in the proposed donor-acceptor systems.

Date:1 Oct 2009  →  31 Dec 2011
Keywords:organic fluorophores
Disciplines:Inorganic chemistry