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The role of social contact and socioeconomic modalities in the acculturation of the psyche

Psychological acculturation might be a concept worth investigating as regards to understanding the role of ethnocultural differences in pupils’ backgrounds with respect to their levels of well-being and academic performance. This can especially prove worthwhile in analysing how the processes entailed by ethnic capital accumulation affect, and are in turn affected by, the minority group’s overall cultural fit. To this end, we might consider looking into certain intergroup and intragroup factors to help illustrate how acculturation and certain emotional responses thereof can be significant in determining minority pupils’ levels of academic achievement and attainment. In doing so we can try to clarify the possible direct and indirect links between cultural fit, well-being and educational achievement. One of our central questions would then be whether an increased cultural fit might render minority individuals less vulnerable to certain institutional and intergroup proclivities by increasing their feelings of socialvalidation and belonging. Ethnic capital can here further serve as an interesting notion to elaborate upon in better understanding how cultural fit exactly functions in this regard.

Date:1 Oct 2019  →  Today
Keywords:Acculturation, Socioeconomic status, Self-construal, Psyche
Disciplines:Group and interpersonal processes
Project type:PhD project