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Sabbatical Bert Reynvoet:

I want to use this sabbatical to accomplish three research goals. First, substantively, I want to broaden my research expertise (numbers and learning). I recently set up a number of projects on sports/exercise and learning through master's theses. I want to delve further into this. Second, internationally, I want to set up some collaborations. I am planning a longer stay in Italy for this, but also a number of shorter visits to other institutions with relevant expertise. Third, methodologically, I want to take the time to update my neuroimaging knowledge (especially EEG). Many new techniques and software have appeared on the scene. I want to take the time to take a closer look at these.

Date:14 Feb 2023 →  Today
Keywords:research, Internationalization, local networking, numbers and learning, neuroimaging
Disciplines:Cognitive processes