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Sabbatical Dries Vanysacker: Catholicsm, body culture and sports In Western Europe (19th-21st centuries)

In the context of a broader international project (A Companion to Christianity and Sports in Europe and North America (19th-21st centuries)) that should be realized in 2024/25 and of which I am co-editor, I would like to realize a first phase within the five months of my sabbatical leave. This first stage concerns an overview on Catholicism, body culture and sport in Germany, the Benelux, France, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, Spain and Portugal (19th-21st centuries). After a preliminary study on Catholicism, body culture and sport in Belgium and the Netherlands, which will result  shortly in a book publication in Dutch, I will continue with a bibliographical and archival research on that topic for Italy and the Vatican, for which I plan two stays in Rome. These stays will permit me to gather interesting material concerning the situation of the Catholics, body culture and sport within the several countries  While working in Leuven, I will collect and read as much as possible the existing literature on the topic within countries and regions of which I know the languages (France, Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Italy) and establish contacts with international contributors who will be asked to write on specific regions within Western Europe of which my language knowledge is insufficient (Spain and Portugal). Thus this first stage will permit me 1) to realize an annotated bibliography that aims to offer a broad overview of publications in several languages on the theme ‘Catholicism, body culture and sport’ in the aforementioned European countries; and 2) to gather archival material based on the Vatican Archives to be further developed in several academic publications and presentations, in addition to   the broader international project.


Date:15 Sep 2021 →  14 Feb 2022
Keywords:Catholicism, body culture, sports
Disciplines:Study of Christianity, Modern and contemporary history