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Sabbatical Hans De Witte: Development of a book on Well-being at work

I would like to deepen a number of insights from Work Psychology (a) through a further literature study, and (b) empirically tested with recent data from Flanders, with the aim of developing a book summarizing the most recent state of affairs with regard to well-being at work in Flanders/Belgium. With this I would have liked to have 'crowned' my career as an occupational psychologist, by offering a synthesis of the state of affairs in the field (supplemented with the most recent insights), which is then also tested and empirically substantiated with recent empirical data. In this way I wish to make a contribution 'as a farewell to my academic career' which can also be used for policy purposes and is readable by a wider audience of those interested in this matter.

Date:1 Feb 2022 →  30 Jun 2022
Keywords:well-being at work, Flanders
Disciplines:Work and organisational psychology