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Sabbatical Stefaan Pleysier: Juvenile justice & the concept of responsibility

his sabbatical period is mainly aimed at developing two book projects: (1) an edited volume in the field of Juvenile justice ', and (2) a monograph on the concept of' responsibility 'in the field of juvenile criminology and juvenile justice. The two research stays to be planned are also dedicated to these book projects. Residence at the Oñati International Institute for the Sociology of Law (11SJ) is scheduled at the beginning of the Sabbath period. The aim is to initiate both book projects during this stay, and to prepare a request for a workshop at the same IISJ to which the authors of the edited volume will be invited. The Oñati Institute workshops are an ideal opportunity to briefly collaborate intensively with colleagues on contributions / themes in the field of 'law in society' (in addition, 'youth offending and juvenile justice' is one of the subjects that the institute explicitly puts forward ). The llSJ offers the opportunity to publish the output of these workshops in its own Oñati International Series in Law and Society (published by Bloomsbury-Hart). During the stay, the literature for the second book project will also be further explored, and interviews will be planned with colleagues at home and abroad, including in the fields of 'restorative justice', 'psychology and law' and 'juvenile justice'. Together with the literature, these conversations form the basis for the second book project, the monograph on the concept of 'responsibility' (among young people who come into contact with juvenile delinquency law). The second research continues to be part of this project; it is the intention to also schedule several interviews during this stay, including with John Braithwaite. John Braithwaite is a Distinguished Professor at the Australian National University, as well as an Honorary Doctor at KU Leuven, and has published extensively on topics such as 'accountability', 'responsibility' and 'rehabilitation'. During this visit, the first results of the book project are also presented; the biannual Crime, Justice and Social Democracy Conference (July 21) is currently being considered for this purpose.


Date:1 Feb 2021 →  31 Dec 2021
Keywords:Juvenile justice, responsibility, rehabilitation
Disciplines:Correctional theory, offender treatment and rehabilitation, Youth and life course criminology