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School emancipations: philosophical fieldwork on grammatisation and literacy in action

There is still a persistent belief in schools having an emancipatory potential. However, there is a lack of theoretical understanding of how this potential is realized in daily school practices. In line with empirical fieldwork in philosophy of education, this project has a double objective: 1) an empirically grounded conceptualization of school learning by focusing on the enactment of freedom, equality and grammatization, 2) an integrated philosophical understanding of the school emancipation by looking at the student literacies in action. This project will focus on schools in Belgium (Flemish community) but also in RD Congo and Ecuador where the emancipatory expectations are still explicit and strongly debated.

Date:1 Oct 2020  →  Today
Keywords:Grammatisation, Emancipation
Disciplines:Civic learning and community development, Education, culture and society not elsewhere classified
Project type:PhD project