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Space Weather Awareness Training Network (SWATNET)

Space Weather Awareness Training Network (SWATNET) aims at breakthroughs in understanding the physical foundations of key agents of Space Weather at Earth and establishing a unique PhD training program in the field. SWATNET is composed of eight Beneficiaries and seven Partner Organizations from seven different European countries with diverse and complementary expertise. This ITN trains the next generation of heliophysicists with an exceptional combination of research and transferable skills and strong knowledge of Space Weather for benefit of the society. The overall objectives of the SWATNET programme are to: 1. Train a group of highly qualified and enthusiastic professional researchers in state-of-the-art approaches in Space Weather research that will form the next generation in academic research, space industry companies and also wider non-academic research careers. 2. Give new insight towards more harmonized doctoral training Europe wide and exchanging practices between different countries. 3. Develop and apply new methodologies that can be utilised to unveil the fundamental physical processes taking place in the solar atmosphere and contributing to Space Weather. 4. Maximize the science return of current and future research infrastructures that are led by Europe or where there are strong European involvements (e.g. Daniel K. Inouye Solar Telescope).

Date:1 Mar 2021 →  Today
Keywords:physical foundations, heliophysicists, Space Weather
Disciplines:Astronomy and space sciences not elsewhere classified