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The spectacle of socialism. A transnational and interdisciplinary research on the social and architectural history of WorkersU+2019 Assembly Buildings in European cities (1890-1914). (3G027811)

This PhD aims to investigate the interactions and entanglements between architecture and the political culture of labour movements in prewar Europe by focusing on the architectural phenomenon of the often spectacular social democratic Maisons du Peuple or U+2018PeopleU+2019s HousesU+2019 that were built around the turn of the nineteenth to twentieth century in a wide range of European cities. The objective is a clear-cut transnational and interdisciplinary study which tries to unravel the ways architects dealt with the complex interdependence between ideology, self-affirmation, aesthetics and technology.

Date:1 Jan 2011  →  31 Dec 2014
Keywords:labour movements, volkshuis, socialism, architecture, maison du peuple, peopleU+2019s house, workersU+2019 assembly building
Disciplines:Interior architecture, Architectural engineering, Architecture, Architectural design, History, Visual arts , Art studies and sciences