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Spectral flowcytometry (Cytek Aurora)

Spectral flow cytometry is greatly outperforming conventional polychromatic flow cytometry and is expected to replace the previous generation technology in the mid-term. The manifold advantages include unprecedented data quality and deep resolution. Here, we wish to implement the Cytek Aurora spectral analyser into the KUL FACS core as the first instrument available in Belgium positioning the KU Leuven as a key reference for cell phenotyping among other applications in biomedical and clinical research. We wish to highlight the urgent need for a high-parameter flow cytometry instrument at the KU Leuven as the single previous generation instrument available represents a serious bottleneck in (a) available analysis bookings and (b) available parameters with the accompanying complications in antibody panel design and downstream analyses. The Cytek Aurora instrument addresses all current shortcomings and will greatly facilitate research in numerous domains at a fraction of the cost of a conventional instrument.
Date:1 Jan 2021 →  Today
Keywords:spectral analyser, (immuno)phenotyping, spectral unmixing, autofluorescence reduction, high-parameter panels, challenging fluorochrome combinations
Disciplines:Animal cell and molecular biology, Animal genetics, Animal immunology, Animal pathology, Cell death and senescence, Medical epigenomics, Gastro-enterology, Adaptive immunology, Autoimmunity, Immunogenetics, Applied immunology , Inflammation, Innate immunity, Cell death , Neurosciences not elsewhere classified, Cancer biology, Cancer prevention, Cancer therapy , Applied immunology, Non-clinical studies, Immunogenetics